Amazing drone test shot in Melbourne

Absolutely love this drone footage I got when out test shooting some locations for a up and coming shoot.

If your looking for a drone operator please drop me a message.

500m up then it starts proper chucking it down, though my drone was just going to just drop out the sky. Luckily got it back down and footage came out mint! Click HD for better quality

Posted by Carl Matthews on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

First of Many

This Blog will be aimed for the travelling photographer/videographer and I will be using this platform to upload my past events and photos but also tips and tricks from everything from Photography and Videography to travelling mainly Australia and hopefully helping people get the best jobs and farm work in order to acquire there second year visa.

I will also be posting links to things that have helped me on my journey, like tutorials or books and websites so hopefully it will help others.